About Us

Who we are, our story and vision                                          Palms_in_the_sun

Paradise Junction was started in 2006, and is currently managed by Paradise Rentals, LLC. The house was bought with the intention of providing a refuge and getaway for those who seek to enjoy the rural coastal habitat of God’s creation.

Originally built by a working shrimp boat operator, the humble home was remodeled to a tropical, coastal, paradise décor, with a slight Asian touch.  The design reflects an impression of sophistication with relaxed atmosphere.  If you look closely, there are still signs that Paradise Junction was once a shrimp boat operator’s cabin.  Memories of the shrimp boat docked in the canal are still fresh in the owners’ minds.

Paradise Junction is located on Caney Court, a small private road with four privately owned homes. We are isolated from the busy main strip, secluded and quiet. The people of Sargent are generally trustworthy, friendly and caring. Owners have managed to maintain their homes reasonably as finances permit. This creates a laid-back, pleasant and safe little oasis. DSCN4235webOur goal is for Paradise Junction to be a place where you can come to relax and unwind as you enjoy your vacation or fishing trip.